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"We chose Obsidian for our first Identity Manager (KYC) because of their high standards. Obsidian is led by people in the space with an extremely solid reputation with complete transparency, and we've had the opportunity to experience it first-hand."


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What We Do

Your One-Stop Shop for Web3 Talent

Frustrated trying to hire the right people to take your project to the next level? Us too. That's why we built the 'Developers by Obsidian' platform. Achieve your vision and find the right person for the job with one click.

  • Find vetted, KYC'd, and reliable talent for your needs in one central location.

  • Build amazing teams, on demand, in less than 48 hours.

  • Every back-end, front-end, and full-stack applicant is thoroughly vetted by a 'Big Tech' engineer.

When The House of Obsidian wanted to raise the bar and bring quality talent for Web3, we first thought of Jayce “Gosu” Azua from WaifuTV.

With nearly a decade of experience in multiple startups and big-tech companies, we thought it was an obvious decision to bring him on board to build and vet talent for Developers by Obsidian! He is currently building value at Amazon Prime Video and is passionate about engineering a rug-free Web3.

Our Process

Curated Web3 talent is no longer hard to find.

Developers by Obsidian leverages the expertise of a 'Big Tech' engineer with an extensive background in software engineering and building in Web3 in order to showcase curated talent so that you can achieve your vision.

Our vetting process, created and facilitated by a 'Big Tech' engineer, consists of multiple screening and onboarding steps:

Resume Screening

Candidates are pooled according to their professional experience: ui/ux, front-end, back-end, full stack, smart contract dev

Online Assessment

Candidates' work style and approach are assessed with a specialized online testing process that generally requires one to two hours to complete.

Virtual Onsite Interview

Qualifying candidates move onto the interview phase where their technical skills, cognitive abilities, and behavior are analyzed.

Data Review

The data from each candidate's results in steps 1-3 is compiled to score their overall performance

Final Vetting

The hiring committee then reviews qualifying candidates' performance and score. The committee includes an additional individual who was not present in earlier vetting phases to provide a non-biased opinion of the information presented. Together, the hiring committee will decide whether or not each candidate will move forward.

Our Developers

Obsidian Tier System

Developers who are fully vetted are assigned to one of two tiers: Fresh Talent and Battle Hardened Talent.

The individuals listed as 'Fresh Talent' have a fundamental understanding of programming and software engineering principles. This includes knowing how to write code that is modular, readable, and scalable.

They are receptive to feedback and see every form of criticism as an opportunity to grow. They are able to solve problems on their own but are also comfortable asking for guidance if they are unable to resolve the issue and move forward.

Individuals classified this way are building experience, developing insight on engineering tradeoffs, learning from the guidance offered, and questioning standards through evidence and logic. They may require supervision and guidance from an individuals listed as 'Battle Hardened Talent' or a more experienced developer.

The individuals listed as 'Battle Hardened Talent' embody everything required to be 'Fresh Talent' with additional independent capabilities.

They require little to no supervision and are able to accurately estimate the effort needed to complete an assignment within the scope set.

This role requires the developer to fully understand the software engineering lifecycle which includes the principles of documenting and planning before executing.

Battle Hardened Talent comes in with a "strong opinions loosely held" mentality. They are able to make engineering tradeoffs and quickly design solutions. They are resourceful in their approach to solving problems. They can be trusted and they do not let their ego get in the way of delivering quality work.


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